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2010-2011 Projects

Project Description

Students from several schools attended the fall and spring heritage festivals at the plantation as iReporters. They reported on events
and activities at the festival on twitter.

Follow the iReporters on twitter:

Contact Information
Ellen Lyon, Technology Integration Specialist
Donna Sarvis, Teacher
Lilly Farenholt, Teacher
Sheree Caminita, Teacher

Teresa Crozat, Teacher
Jennifer Davillier, Teacher
Diana Sittig, Teacher
Tammy Schmitt, Teacher
Joyce Jones, Teacher
Daphne Miller, Teacher

2010 - 2011 Project Ideas

1. iReporters Students cover events at the plantation using digital photography, video, blogs, and twitter. Fall Heritage Day is October 28, 2010 and geared towards grades K-3. Spring Heritage Day is May 4, 2011 and geared to-wards Grades 4-8.

2. GPS Activity Students use GPS units to find different points and places on the plantation and create Google maps.

3. Newscast Videos Students create news casts about events and place videos on TeacherTube.

Destrehan Plantation Community Partnership Brochure

2009-2010 Projects

Project 1 - Spring Heritage Days and Civil War Encampment



More Photos from May 14, 2010:

Spring Heritage Days Information:

JPPSS student blog for this project - Ellender and Pat Taylor students:

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Project Description

Students will attend Spring Heritage Days on May 14, 2010 as iReporters. The students will interview participants, take digital photographs and video, and blog about the event live from the plantation. The students will also Skype with remote classrooms from the event.


The students will create blogs to include student writing about the interviews and experience, video, digital photos. The blog will be linked to the Destrehan Plantation website.

The students will also report on twitter. Follow JPPSS iReporters on


  • Ellender Middle School, Teresa Crozat
  • Pat Taylor Science and Technology Academy, Christina Johnson and Andrew Vincent



Pat Taylor introduction and technology training
5/3/2010 7:30 AM
Pat Taylor interview skills training
1st week of May - TBD

Spring Heritage Day @ Destrehan
Finalize videos and blog


Contact Information
Angie Matherne, Destrehan Plantation, 985-764-9315
Ellen Lyon, JPPSS Instructional Technology Integration Specialist
Sarah Rosedahl, JPPSS Technology, 408-234-0037
Betsy Almerico, Manager, Technology Integration