The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation

Jazz Fest iReporters Project

Students will attend Jazz Fest as iReporters on Thursday, May 5th. They will report on events, interview organizers, performers, and attendees using digital photography, video, Twitter, and Google Docs.

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Kerner Elementary School
Marrero Academy

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Treme Project

Students will study the history and culture of the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans and will create a Google Page that will include video, photos, interviews, and podcasts. Students will visit the Treme neighborhood and visit the Jazz and Heritage Foundation office, the Backstreet Cultural Museum, and the New Orleans Museum of African American Art. This project will be the initial pilot project designed to build upon with multiple projects each year.


West Jeff High SchoolRachel Morgan, 11th/12th grade social studies

Background Research Resources
  • Haitian Revolution during the 1850s: Haiti's Influence on Antebellum American: Slumbering Volcano in the Caribbean, Alfred Hunt
  • Faubourg Treme: Untold Story of Black New Orleans: documentary by Lolis Eli,
  • Congo Square: Internet research
  • Significant historical figures: Buddy Bolden, Don Marque, Lionel Ferbos, Mahalia Jackson

Possible Interviews
  • Nadia Bynum, Treme neighborhood
  • Glen David Andrews and Troy Andrews, musicians
  • Kermit Ruffins, musician
  • Wayne Baquet, owner of Little Dizzie's - Creole food and heritage
  • Lolis Elie, writer and filmmaker
  • John Hankins, New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
  • Wendell Pierce, actor
  • Terry Scott, Junebug Productions
  • Benny Jones, Treme Brass Band
  • Shamar Allen, musician
  • Sylvester Francis, Backstreet Cultural Museum
  • New Orleans Musician's Clinic

Student Products

Google Site that will include:
  • map of Treme
  • Student research about the history of Treme
  • Interviews - video and written
  • Pre/Post Katrina information
  • Photos and captions of the walking tour (might include GPS coordinates)
  • Creole/Haitian heritage information
  • Music and the HBO series "Treme"
  • Architectural history


Ellen Lyon, Technology Integration Specialist, JPPSS
Betsy Almerico, Manager, Instructional Technology Integration, JPPSS
Sarah Rosedahl, Technology, JPPSS
Scott Aiges, Director of Programs, Marketing and Communications Jazz and Heritage Foundation