Jean Lafitte - Barataria - Flora and Fauna


Jean Lafitte National Park and Historical Preserve

Barataria Flora and Fauna Project 2010

T.H. Harris Middle School

Metairie, LA


8th grade students in Ms. Lusignan's Louisiana History Classes explored the preserve using digital cameras, digital video, and GPS units. The students took notes and photographs on the Coquille Trail and tagged them using GPS units. Some students uploaded the photographs to Google Earth, while other students use dip nets in Bayou des Families and explore the aquatic fauna of Bayou des Families. Upon completion of their tasks, the students blogged about their experiences on Students, additionally created online notebook,that combined pictures from the past with the pictures from the present The students used pictures from The Library of Congress, LOUIS,( Louisiana's online digital library) and the Louisiana State Museum.

Photos from 1/15/2010 field trip:
T.H. Harris Blog:

Students explore the Barataria Preserve

Click on this map, to see what the students saw in January 2010 along the Coquille Trail and at Bayou des Families
in the Jean Lafitte Barataria National Park.

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Ruth Brewington
Dorene Lusignan