2010 - 2011 Projects

This year's projects are posted on the Louisiana State Museum's website:

Katrina Exhibit iReporters

Project Description
Louisiana State Museum Living with Hurricanes, Katrina and Beyond, 1026/2010>

Students from T.H. Harris Middle School, East Jefferson High School, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School for Science and Technology New Orleans, and St Mary's Mary's Academy New Orleans will cover the opening of this new exhibit at the Cabildo using digital photography, video, and Twitter.

More information:

Harris iReporters created an online presentation, prezi, to combine the videos and photograph in a more permanent form.
Scroll down to the Katrina exhibit information on this page to view the prezi presentation:


Living with Hurricanes Digital Story Telling

Project Description

Students will create Photo Stories about Katrina and its impact on their lives today. Stories will be posted on the museum's website and selected stories will be used in an exhibit at the museum.

Project Team

T.H. Harris Middle School: Ruth Brewington, Laura Dauterive, Cindy Streva
Technology: Alexis Western
LSM: Gaynell Brady

Link to Harris student oral histories:

Katrina slideshow:


Podcast feedback from Memory
Final podcasts from Harris to Memory
Ruth, Laura, Cindy, Alexis
Teacher feedback about project complete, send to Memory
Ruth, Laura, Cindy, Alexis
Supporting documents (rubric, story board, etc.) to Memory
Ruth, Laura, Cindy, Alexis
Permission from JPPSS to use oral histories
Ruth, Betsy
LSM webpages complete
LSM celebration 10AM
All Harris and EJ iReporters, Gaynell organizing


Project Description

After touring the "Living with Hurricanes - Katrina and Beyond" and interacting with the models about wetlands and storm surge, students studied wetlands erosion and restoration and created online posters, using

Project Team

T.H. Harris Middle School: Ruth Brewington, Cindy Streva
LSM: Gaynell Brady

Louisiana Alphabet Book


Chateau Estates Elementary students, teachers, and administration celebrated the completion of their project with Gaynell Brady, LSM K12 Education Coordinator.

Project Description

Grade school students created an online alphabet book about Louisiana history and facts.

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

PowerPoint Version of the book:


Chateau Estates Elementary
3rd grade
Brittany Lingle, Andre Grieshaber, Melinda Hunger, Judy Migliore

Additional Photos:

Photos of student artwork:

French Quarter GPS/Audio Tour

Project Description

Students will take a GPS tour of the French Quarter, study historic sites in the Quarter, and create a podcast about the sites, to be used
as an audio tour. This tour is planned in partnership with Musee Conti, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, and
Louisiana State Museum.


Ruppel Middle School,

FQ GPS field trip photos:

French Quarter Sites

1. Audubon House
2. Old Absinthe Bar
3. Latrobe’s
4. 8th District Police station
5. Napoleon House
6. Pharmacy Museum
7. Maspero’s Exchange
8. The Presbytere
9. Avart-Peretti House
10. The Cabildo
11. St. Louis Cathedral
12. Andrew Jackson Statue
13. Jackson Brewery Company
14. Pontalba Buildings
15. Place d’ Armes
16. Café du Monde

Contact Information
Ellen Lyon, Technology Integration Specialist
Elizabeth Towe, Technology Integration Specialist

2010-2011 Planning

2010 - 2010 Project Planning Notes
Louisiana State Museum Community Partnership Brochure

2011 - 2012 Project Ideas

River of Memory River Watershed Project

Project Description

A collaborative pilot project will begin in the fall of 2010 and will include schools from New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, and Baton Rouge. Students will study the geography, history, music, food, literature, culture, and economy of the Mississippi River. Schools in states along the Mississippi River will be invited to participate as well.

Prototype Google Project Tools

2008 - 2010 Projects

Louisiana State History - Cabildo

Project Description

Students will research artifacts from the Louisiana State Museum-Cabildo, interview museum curators and historians about the artifacts, and create podcasts to be used by the museum for an audio tour, as well as posted on the museum's website. A student team will also create a video documentary about the project, to be posted on the museum's website.

More information:

Final podcasts posted on the Louisiana State Museum website:

Harris Students Visit the Cabildo

Skype with Dr. Richard Campanella

Freddi Evans, Jordan Noble Historian

Dr. Charles Chamberlain, Historian, LSM

History of Tignons with Barbara Trevigne

More photos from Tignon History with Barabara Trevigne:

More photos from the initial Harris Cabildo field trip:

Photos from May 7, 2010 Grand Opening at LSM:

Photos of artifacts:

Meeting Notes 10/20/2009

Mardi Gras History

In 2008-2009, T.H. Harris Middle School students studied Mardi Gras history and created podcasts for the museum. The podcasts are used by the museum for an audio tour, and are posted on the museum's website: