Community Partner Information for Teachers

How to Start a Community Partnership Project

1. Remember the key objectives of these projects
  • Work in partnership, collaboratively, with a community partner to create innovative and authentic projects for students, that are also useful for the partner, such as an audio tour, video, website, or other digital media or web 2.0 technology. This is not just a classroom project.
  • These are technology projects, designed to teach 21st century skills.

For reference there are two videos and a slideshow about the 2009 - 2010 projects on this website home page:
2. Review the past projects to determine the type of project that you are interested in. Current partners and information about past projects can be found on this website, on the left column. If you are interested in working with a community partner that we have not already worked with, please feel free to do so. Let us know if you need help contacting a new partner.
3. If you feel comfortable starting and planning a community partnership project, feel free to contact the partner you are interested in directly to start planning the project. Please remember that these projects require close coordination with the partner, to ensure that the teachers, students and community partners all understand the goals, final products, and time lines.
4. If you would like help starting a project or need assistance with the technology components or technology training, please contact Betsy Almerico, Instructional Technology Integration Manager,
5. Review the resources from the June 2010 workshop, including lesson plan templates, lesson plan examples, partner brochures and other resources:
6. Schedule a meeting with the community partner to plan the project and the time line. Our current partner contact information can be found on this website's home page: at the bottom of the page. If you would like help planning a project, contact Betsy Almerico, or Sarah Rosedahl,
7. If you need to apply for grant money for the project, please use the grant application materials found on the June workshop page: Instructions are in the grant application form.
8. Let us know about your projects. We are interested in possibly videotaping, taking photos, and posting your project information and products on this website. Please let us know about project dates and information. Contact Betsy Almerico, or Sarah Rosedahl,
9. Questions? Contact Betsy Almerico, or Sarah Rosedahl,